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Strong, lightweight, durable composite products for batch and piece production.

Production of protective composite products

Modern production of protective composite products is based on advanced technologies and the use of high quality raw materials. The specialized company “Sagrit” offers to order the manufacture of products in accordance with strict quality requirements and the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. Thanks to the use of composite materials, it was possible to solve an urgent problem, which consists in a sharp decrease in the plasticity of the product while increasing its strength characteristics.
The composition includes many components of the matrix, reinforced with special additional reagents. Composite materials are distinguished by their manufacturability and high efficiency, which explains the competitiveness of products in a wide range of applications.

There are many advantages in the production of composite products, including an ideal price-performance ratio. Such products are characterized by low specific gravity, as well as excellent physical and mechanical parameters. Composite materials have good strength, thermal conductivity, resistance to aggressive effects, environmentally friendly composition, long service life, and are also capable of maintaining stability of technical characteristics at temperature extremes.
It is convenient to get advice on the range of products made of composite materials from experienced specialists on the official website of our company or by phone +7 (495) 642-86-52.