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Sagrit company specializes in the manufacture of fiber-reinforced plastic and thermoformed plastic components. We can produce fiber-reinforced parts (with glass and carbon fiber) via vacuum infusion, RTM, compression molding and also via hand lay-up and spray-up lamination.

The goal of the company is to develop applications of polymer composite materials in Russia on a base of existing European technologies as well as with using company’s own research.

Sagrit is playing several roles for its clients: firstly, it can be a supplier of parts from composites and, secondly, it can act as engineering and consulting company that helps to choose and evaluate the best suitable technology and to organize manufacture in the area of the client.

“Sagrit” is a full cycle manufacturing enterprise. We develop, design and manufacture products from fiberglass and other composite and polymeric materials, using modern high performance technologies. Products made of fiberglass and carbon fiber by custom orders are becoming more widespread, due to many advantages of composite materials, most important among which are: durability (resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage), dielectric properties, wide design possibilities, manufacturability (ease of manufacture), weight reduction compared to metal.

We manufacture matrixes on a high precision 5-axis CNC machine that allows to produce single-piece tooling, which in turn allows us to produce large details without unnecessary seams and with high accuracy.

We use different technologies of production from composite materials: RTM, vacuum infusion, spraying, molding of SMC prepregs, as well as pressing prepregs and reinforced thermoplastics (GMT, LWRT, Loprefin).

For customers who require production of small or medium series, and depending on the size of the product and requirements for its characteristics, we apply the method of vacuum infusion and spraying. In the case of high demands to the quality of the material, i.e. for heavyload products, we use the RTM technology.

For customers who have a need for the products of medium and large series, we can offer the technology of pressing of the prepregs. Depending on requirements for mechanical properties of the material, its thermal and chemical resistance, we use the method of pressing of SMC materials, pressing carbonfiber prepregs or alternative technologies using reinforced thermoplastics, such as GMT, LWRT, Loprefin.

A special role in our enterprise is given not the production of analogues, but to the development and production of innovative products from composite materials.

Sagrit acts for its customers both as a supplier of finished products from polymer composites, and as an engineering and consulting company – in selecting and technically and economically substantiating the optimum materials and technologies, as well as organizing production on the customer’s equipment.