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Unique products made of composite materials to order

This section presents unique products made of composite materials to order, made by our specialists using modern technologies. To order the production of products according to individual parameters, our company “Sagrit” suggests contacting experienced employees.

The gallery contains our works from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, fiberglass and other composites. They are manufactured using prepreg pressing, vacuum infusion, RTM, hand laid, spraying and other technologies. To carry out the work, high-precision equipment equipped with numerical control is used, which makes it possible to obtain whole large-sized products with high accuracy rates without unnecessary seams. We also produce parts of medium and small series, taking into account the established parameters regarding dimensions and other characteristics.Due to the use of modern machines, it is possible to fulfill any quality requirements, including highly loaded elements. When certain conditions exist regarding mechanical properties, chemical or thermal resistance, alternative technologies are selected to achieve the set goals.

For the manufacture of unique products from composite materials to order, call the phone number +7 (495) 642-86-52, clarify emerging questions and discuss the terms of cooperation with our specialists.

Bicycle parts

CFRP air inlet

Swimming pool


Bus parts

Various parts

Aluminum molds


Various molds

Monorail train

Climbing wall

Van hull