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Equipment for the production of composite products

In production processes, equipment for the production of composite products is in demand, which makes it possible to apply effective methods and technologies. To order products made using modern devices, the Sagrit company suggests contacting experienced specialists.
The production uses prepreg pressing methods, RTM, vacuum infusion, spraying and manual laying, which is contact molding. We have numerically controlled machines that allow us to perform tasks in an automatic mode and achieve high accuracy of results. With their help, you can get parts with large dimensions and without unnecessary seams.
We also have fully equipped workshops for the production of products, suitable for performing work according to the selected technology. Experienced specialists design special dies for forming composites, as well as make master models. In the process, special materials are used that make it possible to create shapes. Thanks to innovative technologies, it is possible to produce unique products.
Using equipment for the production of composite products, we create parts that correspond to the specified parameters, to clarify questions, call +7 (495) 642-86-52 and get advice from specialists.